Outlook 2003, Cached Mode, Exch 5.5



We are seeing a number of users who are not seeing messages from the past
several days. Turning off cached mode and restarting Outlook instantly
shows all messages. Turning cached mode back on "hides" the recent
messages. For some folks, deleting the Outlook profile and recreating has
fixed it. Out of about 50 folks, I know of about a dozen folks with these
problems. They occur at varying points in time. I have tried reinstalling
Office. I've applied SP-2 to some clients. Something is interfering with
the Sync or corrupting the OST, but I don't know what.

The Sync Issues folder sometimes has messages that mention that
synchronizing the Inbox is waiting for a Symantec AV scan. But Outlook will
give a message on the status bar that "All folders are up to date."

FWIW, many of our users have Blackberrys also, but we have a BB server, NOT
desktop redirection.

Ben M. Schorr - MVP

What happens if you, temporarily, disable Symantec's AV scanning? Do the
messages show up? What if you press F9 to force a new sync with the
Exchange server?


Ben M. Schorr, OneNote-MVP
Roland Schorr & Tower
Microsoft OneNote FAQ: http://www.factplace.com/onenotefaq.htm

**I apologize but I am unable to respond to direct requests for assistance.
Please post questions and replies here in the newsgroup. Mahalo!

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