Outlook 2003 Cached Exchange Mode - Greyed Out




We are having trouble getting cached exchange mode working within Outlook.
Environment is Exch 2003 sp2, Outlook 2003 sp2/sp3, Winxp sp2.

If I install Office 2003 on the workstation before joining it to the domain,
configure an outlook profile, supply domain credentials to connect to the
exchange server, I have the option of using cached exchange mode.

If I join the workstation to the domain with either an existing Office 2003
install or an install after joining the domain, the cached exchange mode
option is greyed out.

I have set deny permissions on all Group Policy objects for both Computer &
User accounts, in hope that there was a setting within one of these that was
causing this feature to be disabled, this is not the case.

Can anyone shed any light as to why this is happening?

Thanks in advance.

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