Outlook 2003 (and Explorer) won't start after scanpst.exe



I am running XP SP2 and Office Pro 2003. I use Trend Micro as antivirus.

I have (had?) two mail profiles in my Outlook set up. One on a corp. server
via ethernet, the other an Internet profile for private mail (via modem or
ADSL and ethernet).

I had Outlook always trying to send two messages that weren't there, so I
ran scanpst.exe on the two files I believed were the two profiles.

first one: C:\Documents and Settings\(username)\Local Settings\Application

second one: C:\Documents and Settings\outlook\Outlook.pst

Both runs identified corrupt/damaged files and repair was conducted. In the
first a requested back-up was made. In the second no back-up.

I was not connected to Corporate net at the time of scanpst, but was hooked
up to Internet via ADSL-router and Ethernet cable.

Now, Outlook, Mail Profiles in Control Panel, and Microsoft Explorer won't
launch but goes straight to "Installer" mode.

Then into Office Pro Edition 2003.

Then requests access to PRO11.MSI (which I do not have access to anywhere)

Then ends with Error 1706 and "cannot start MAPI32.DLL, file is corrupt or
wrong version, reinstall file". I have tried to run FIXMAPI.EXE with no

MAPI32.DLL is version 11.0.5601.0, 03 August 2003.

On exit from this 'mess' I get "Instruction at 0x73dd11c7 referred memory at
0x00000004. Memory could not be read. Press OK to terminate".

An attempt to run SCANPST.EXE again results in an error message: "Cannot
start. Unable to locate component SCNPST.DLL. Not found". This file is
available on C:\Program Files\Common Files\System\MSMAPI\1033.

Am I totally and forever separated from my mail system?

Can I fix anything on a stand alone basis?

Would 'System restore' help or does that only apply to Windows XP, but not
to Office 2003 components.



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