After running scanpst, can't delete ANY messages in Outlook 2003



My hard drive crashed. I bought a new one and recovered my data from a
mirrored image I'd made. When I tried to open Outlook, it said that it
couldn't open the files. I ran SCANPST.EXE and it found errors in my personal
folders and corrected them all (or so it says).

When I reopen Outlook, it appears to now run fine. I got my new e-mail from
my POP server without problems. However, when I try to delete ANY messages, I
get an error box saying that errors have been detected in my outlook.pst
file, shut outlook down and run scanpst.exe. I did that, but this time it
finds no errors. Outlook still won't delete any messages.

I went into add/remove programs and ran the Office repair. It completed, but
I still can't delete anything. Same problem if I start Outlook in safe mode.

Any ideas?

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