Outlook 2002 Lockup and Kaspersky Anti Virus (KAV)



I am experiencing a problem with the Kaspersky MailChecker module.
When I have the Kaspersky MailChecker installed, Outlook 2002 will not
start more than one time. It will only open once and after that all
subsequent attempts to open Outlook 2002 will fail. I spent hours
trying to find what was causing this. Finally, I discovered that the
KAV MailChecker is fighting with nVidia's nView 3.0 software. The
nView 3.0 software is embedded in all nVidia drivers for all of the
GeForce cards. nView is not enabled by default and most will never use

The conflict between nView and the KAV MailChecker appears to keep
Outlook 2002 from exiting properly. Outlook will look like it has
closed; however, in the task manager a process called OUTLOOK.EXE
remains. The next time the user attempts to open Outlook, Outlook
does not open but another entry called OUTLOOK.EXE is added to the
task manager. If I click Outlook 10 times, 10 OUTLOOK.EXE entries
appear in the task manager. To get Outlook to start again all
instances of OUTLOOK.EXE need to be terminated from the task manager.
Then Outlook will start again, but after it is closed the cycle starts
all over and Outlook will not open any more.

To get this situation to go away I have to either uninstall the KAV
MailChecker module (disabling it is not enough) or I have to disable
nView. The problem only occurs when both the MailChecker is installed
and nView is enabled. I do not know if this is hardware specific for
me or not. I am using a GeForce 4 ti4200 128mb nVidia card with
nVidia driver version 53.03

Here is a link to a nVidia webpage where info on the nView 3.0
software can be found: http://www.nvidia.com/object/winxp_2k_53.03

I am using KAV Pro 4.0.94. I also tried using KAV 5 beta 2 and it did
the exact same thing.

I would really appreciate it if other KAV users who have nVidia
GeForce cards and the KAV MailChecker installed could please try
enabling nView 3.0 to see if they experience this error as well.


Don't know the answer to your problem. But it is interesting that I had a
whole kaboodle of problems with KAV. And I use nview also. (I don't use
mail checker though.)

Removing the control panel fixed my problems. (I thought is was the scanner
causing problems since the havoc occurred with scanning. Wrong!!! So you
may not want to assume it is mail checker causing your problems.) I have
monitor running under start-up. And used Windows scheduled tasks for scans
and updates.


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