Outlook 2000 rules wizard and signature problems with Vista



I have managed to install Outlook 2000 on Vista, and import contacts/address
book and pre-existing emails... but 2 things I see to be unable to solve..

1. The rules wizard no longer works, and
2. Signature won't work.

Office 2000 is more than adequate for my humble needs - and I despite Vista
- and really can't afford to upgrade either. Any ideas to solve?

Roady [MVP]

Outlook 2000 is not fully compatible with Windows Vista, solve this issue
and you might run into the next.

That said; what exactly is not working for you? Do you get any errors?
Did you install Outlook in Corporate/Workgroup mode?
Which mail account type are you using?
Are you using Word or Outlook as your email editor?

Instead of trying to fix these issues, using Windows Live Mail might be an
alternative to you. It's free, it offers better security features than
Outlook 2000 and it would put you back in a supported state again. You can
get it here;

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