Outlook Edititng MS Outlook Rules Wizard Files

Jun 12, 2009
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I am running the M/S Outlook email agent under M/S Office 2000. I recently clean installed Office because of a failure in my Outlook. I backed up the pst file before uninstalling Office. However, I was unaware that I should have exported the .rwz file, which contains the Outlook Wizard Rules. I have now installed a fresh copy of Office 2000 and imported a previously made pdf file I'd archived a few days before the Outllook crash. However, I find that the Rules Wizard does not function at all. I cannot delete, change or add any rules and the rules I had installed in the old set up do not work. I understand that the problem is that the old rules referred to the pst I had installed when Outlook stopped working initially and that has created of my not being able to delete, change or add rules in the .rwz file of my new pdf file. I undertand that I can uninstall Office again and install fresh copy and set up a fresh pst file, but that will mean I will no longer have access the the emails in the original pst. My questions: How do I solve that problem; and what do you know about OutlookSpy software, which I understand will allow me to read the rules in the existing rwz file, delete all, and then go about setting up the replacement rules using the Wizard?


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