Outlook 2000 pst file (2.1 gig) not opening in Outlook 2003



Hi -

I maxed out my Outlook 2000 pst file (2.1 gigs- a warning message would have
been nice) so I couldn't send or rec. email, delete files, even after running
SCANPST.exe several times. My techie friend told me to upgrade to Office
2003, since Outlook 2003 pst files hold up to 20 gigs. Now I can't get my
old pst file to open in 2003

I used: File, New, Data files and created a new pst file. Then tried to
import my old pst file in. I got an error message telling me the old pst
file was not closed properly. I clicked on repair to fix the problem and got
another message about my old pst file reaching maximum size and to delete
some of the files. I clicked "OK", but I didn't see a way to get into the old
pst file. I scanned again with SCANPST.exe, but I got an error message
telling me some of problems couldn't be fixed.

HELP. I don't know what to do to bring back my old Outlook 2000 pst file!


Whilst an OL2003 format pst doesnt have the same size limitation, simply
opening an earlier version pst in OL2003 does not convert the pst format.
Besides which niether Import or Export should be used on a pst. Either open
the pst or copy it.
You will have to use this tool http://support.microsoft.com/?kbid=296088 on
your old pst. You will lose data.
Once you are able to open it, within 2003, copy data to the new OL2003 pst.

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