Migrating 2002 pst to 2007 pst format


Warren Taylor

I have recently upgraded from outlook 2002 to outlook 2007 to get around the
2GB limit size for pst files in 2002. I have created a new 2007 pst file and
set it as the default but can't get the contents of my old 2002 pst to import
into it. I keep getting a message that tells me the old 2002 pst file is
still in use in my profile. I am fearful of removing it for fear of losing
all the data in it. Can anyone give me clear instructions here? The wizard
for this leaves me perplexed.....


If you created a new pst, you will have both sets of Personal Folders open
within Outlook Tree View.
Simply copy data one to the other.
PS You dont lose data if you close a Personal Folder in Outlook

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