outbound fax problem



Currently we have a shared fax that is used to send and receive
company faxes through our Windows 2003 Small Business Server. Most
users this works flawlessly but we have one windows XP user with an

The outgoing routing rule is not valid because it cannot find a valid
device. The outgoing faxes that use this rule will not be routed.
Verify that the targeted device or devices (if routed to a group of
devices) is connected and installed correctly, and turned on. If
routed to a group, verify that the group is configured correctly.
Country/region code: '*' Area code: '*'

Fax Service failed to initialize any assigned fax devices (virtual or
TAPI). No faxes can be sent or received until a fax device is

I have added and removed the Windows XP fax program thinking that it
could be interfering with how the shared fax is working. It seems like
it keeps looking for local fax rules when it should be using the
default rules that are set on the server.

Please reply with any suggestions.


Vibha Rathi [MSFT]

Are you using a Windows Server machine as one of the clients to the shared
fax server? If yes, check if you have an outbound routing rules defined on
the server which are being picked up by default. You can do so using the Fax
Service Manager that can be invoked from the fax console.
If yes, remove these rules and try again. Also make sure you are selecting
the remote fax printer as opposed to the local printer while sending the fax
using the send fax wizard.

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