Oulook OOM combine with Redemption, need help

Dec 11, 2008
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Hi. I have been searching for solution to my problem for a while now and I think Outlook Redemption will help but I have questions on how to use it. My problem with my C# console application.

The C# console application loops thru several, selected folders in the Public Folders using OOM. The problem is, where ever an item being processed is in conflict, OOM choke with InvalidCastException since the item in conflict is not a regular PostItem (don't know what it is). Now, I am trying Outlook Redemption and with Redemption, it is able to process an item in conflict no problems. Is is also a problem because it is not aware that the item in conflict is in conflict.

I can see OOM and Redemption working together to satisfy my requirements. Since OOM breaks when it encounter an item in conflict, I want Redemption to handle this item in conflict in the catch..InvalidCastException since it is able to. I only need the get the EntryID of the item in conflict, thats it.

My question is, how can I pass the item in conflict to Redemption item so I can get its EntryID?

Please help.

Thank you.



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