Outlook Redemption & registering a COM dll through Windows setup...



Hi all...If anyone has had experience creating a Windows Setup project that
includes a customized Redemption dll, we could sure benefit from your
experience. These questions are very Redemption specific...(
http://www.dimastr.com/redemption/ )

We are creating a Windows forms application in Visual Studio/Visual
Basic/2003 and using Redemption to access Outlook without the Outlook
security prompt. We have used Redemption's utility and followed their
instructions to create a customized version of the Redemption dll. The
problem is getting the customized Redemption dll to self register on any
target machines when installed via a Windows Setup/msi process..

So far, the only way I can get the customized dll to work on ANY machine is
to open a command window and use regsvr32.exe to register the customized dll
on that machine. I have not been able to make a customized Redemption dll
when installed through the .msi installation process, and our users will not
want to or be able to manually register a dll.... We have tried changing the
dll's Register properties in the Setup project (vsdraCOMRelativePath,
vsdraCOM) to no avail...

So my questions are:

1) After I have created a customized Redemption dll, how should the
customized dll get properly registered on my development machine? (So far I
have used regsvr32.exe to manually register the dll on my development
system. Is this the proper process? Is there another way? So far, if I don't
register the custom Redemption dll using regsvr32, the program fails.)

2) When using Visual Studio 2003/Visual Basic and a Windows forms
application, what steps & settings are necessary in a Windows Setup project
to insure that the customized Redemption dll will be self registered on the
target system when my program is installed?

Thanks in advance for any help you might have...

Rod Kimmel


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