OT Head trackers like the TrackIr 5?


John Doe

I see a jillion glowing reviews about the TrackIr 5 head tracker.
But I don't understand why it's such a good thing. When turning
your head, don't you have to keep your eyes on the monitor? If you
make it sensitive to a tiny amount of head movement, then it's
more likely to mess up? Or am I missing something?

Ideally, you would want the monitor to turn with your head. I
guess that would be like virtual reality glasses.



Tom Thompson

You are surely right, JD, that your eyes stay on the monitor, but it
becomes a quite good "sort-of VR" when you turn/nod your head and the
"world" turns/nods appropriately. There is a sensitivity issue as a
small turn of your head retults in a larger turn of the "world" but all
in all the effect is quite good. In addition you get an in/out zoom
effect when you lean in/out. Especially effective with flight
simulators. Weather its worth $150 is up to you.


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