Epson Stylus Photo 830 - Excessive Head Cleaning



I don't use my printer on a regular basis but when I need to print something
the results are turning out all pink/red or green. So I run the head
cleaning utility over and over and by the time I get it to print properly
I've used up a quarter of my ink. The next time I want to print something, I
have to go through the same rigmarole. Years ago I had a really basic Epson
colour printer that you could leave inactive for months and it would still
print perfectly. I wrote to Epson stating my problem and included that I use
genuine Epson ink cartridges and all I got was a reply saying that I should
use genuine Epson ink cartridges and also that the head cleaning process
uses a tiny amount of ink. Not when you have to run it 30-40 times buddy!!

I don't know if there is an answer to my problem other then using the
printer everyday, but if there isn't, should I maybe go back to a more basic
colour printer? If so, what would you recommend? I don't really need it for
printing photos, just the occasional web page.



Arthur Entlich

You might try putting a few drops of ammoniated window cleaner onto the
cleaning station before you run a cleaning and just before you shut down
for the day. This can help to keep the heads a bit cleaner and wetter.

Make sure you have the paper thickness head adjustment at minimum (least
thick paper) position so et heads get sealed well by the cleaning
station rubber dam. You may need to clean the ink wiper next to the
cleaning station.

the 820 and 830 printers suffered from not always parking the heads
fully, so give the head/carriage unit a gentle push to the right you
shut the printer down using the on/off button on the printer to set the
head in the correct location.

Other than that, an underhead cleaning may help. For instructions,
email me at the address I posted this from. (My schedule over the next
week is a bit weird so it may take me 4-5 days to respond).


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