installed Outlook 2003 onto a users PC how had been using Outlook 2000 we
are native Exchange 2003 however the issue we are having is that this
particular user is setup for cache email and .ost offile file and .pst will
not grow past the 2GB limit which this user is using a laptop and travels
and we want there .ost and .pst to grow past the old 2GB limit. Is this
because we are trying to use the existing .ost from Outlook 2000? Do we
need to create a new one? Any suggestions?

Thank you

neo [mvp outlook]

Sounds like a new OST file has to be created. You can verify by r-clicking
on Outlook Today/Mailbox - <username> and select properties > advanced
button > advanced tab. (Outlook needs to be in unicode mode in order to take
advantage of the new OST file format.)

For PST files, r-click on Personal Folders and select properties > advanced.
If the PST file format is Outlook 97/2002, then the 2GB rule still applies
as Outlook does not convert existing PST files. It is the user's
responsibility to create a new PST file and then copy/move/import data from
the old file format to the new one.

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