Outlook 2003 keeps breaking when .OST reaches 2GB!!!



Hello all --

Before I knew what I was doing, our techs upgraded a user's laptop from
Outlook XP to Outlook 2003. Apparently, the computer was set up for offline
mode, so when we enabled 2003 Cached-Exchange Mode, the .pst was converted to
a .ost (?) but it's still in ANSI format and won't grow beyond 2gb.

I went to the user's laptop, removed the check box for Cached Exchange Mode,
closed Outlook, went to C:\Documents and Settings\*USERNAME*\Local
Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook and deleted the OUTLOOK.OST file.
Then, we started Outlook 2003 again, and Outlook created a new OUTLOOK.OST
file and began syncing it. It stopped again when the file size reached 2GB

How do I make Outlook 2003 make a Unicode .OST file that can grow indefitely?

Thanks so much!!!

Roady [MVP]

No, the pst-file didn't got converted an ost-file; it always has been an

To what Exchange server do you connect? Exchange 5.5 doesn't support

Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook]

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