OS9 - Windows 2000 SP4


Tony Bevilacqua

Hi There,

We just installed some updates on our Windows 2000 SP4 box and now all our
OS 9 and OS 8 machines are unable to connect to the server. The login box
appears but once we enter the credentials the window hangs for about 2
minutes then we get an error saying something like "your connection was
unexpectedly closed".

All Windows and Mac OS X boxes are connecting fine; it's just the Mac OS 9
and Mac OS 8.

The packages we installed on the Windows 2000 Server are as follows:

KB890923-IE6 SP1

We have uninstalled all the new packages, but the problem still exists.

Let me know if there is any solution out there for this problem.


Tony Bevilacqua



Jim Seifert [MSFT]

A few questions that should help troubleshoot:

Did server antivirus software get upgraded at the same time?
Can the Mac clients connect via Appletalk?
Are the clients using the MS UAM or Apple authentication?
Was the Server upgraded to a Domain Controller at this time?
Are the clients trying to connect with blank passwords?
If the server is dual homed please verify that Appletalk is still bound and
set to accept connections on the correct interface.
Are there any related entries in the event log?

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