OS 10.2 mac to windows server over a VPN connection



I have a remote office with a mix of Windows 2000 Pro and
Mac OS 9 client machines that connect via a SonicWall VPN
tunnel to a Windows server in the main office. I moved an
OS10.2 Mac from the main office to the remote office. In
the main office this mac could easily connect to the
windows server using Finder / Go / Connect to servers and
entering the path to the mapped volume as
but this fails to connect in the remote office. The
Windows 2000 pro workstations with their similar mapping
\\\data works fine in the both the main office
in and remote office over the VPN). Likewise the Mac OS9
machines can connect without problem over the VPN. Does
Mac 0S 10.2 have a problem connecting to a windows server
on another subnet? (which is was the VPN tunnel does -
makes a transarent connection to the main office subnet)
Is there a fix for this?

Joey F

Leave off the smb or any other such prefixes. Just type in the
address of the remote server you want to connect to. If you are
connection to a remote domain, you probably need to have the computer
added to the domain so there is a computer account and your machine is
recognized as authenticated.

Check with the network adminisrator in the Big Office.

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