Connection problems across VPN


Brian Cryer

We have a Windows network, with Windows 2003 standard servers. My boss
recently decided to buy himself a Mac laptop (and very nice it looks too).
Before he did this we did some testing to ensure that he would still be able
to connect to our shares and pick up his email (using Entourage). All seemed
to be well and all was working. However, he's been out of the office working
remotely for about two weeks now, connecting via VPN. This had been working
fine, but now says that he can now no longer access any of our shares or the
exchange server via entourage. I can confirm from my end by looking at the
logs that the vpn session has been established successfully and that his
account isn't locked out.

On the assumption this might be a DNS issue I suggested he use the ip
address of one of the servers instead of its dns name, but he says this
doesn't make any difference.

I don't know Macs, and my boss isn't an IT expert. Are there any suggestions
that I should pass on for him to try?



What specifically happens when he tries to " access any of our shares or the
exchange server via entourage"?
Any error codes? In application logs? On the Exchange Server?

Brian Cryer felt like saying:

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