Win2k3 shares not working on MAC OS 9.2

Jan 5, 2006
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Ather we have configured our new Windows 2k3 server it all went great, our windows XP desktop's can connect and use all of the shares we have created, also our MAC OS X systems can connect to the shares butt when we want to connect our MAC OS 9.2 systems we are unable to reach the shares on the right way.

We have created an MAC share on the Win 2k3 server and giving everybody full control to that share, butt when we created a mapping on the mac 9.2 to this share we are able to connect and able to vieuw the files butt no extensions are displayed, So the problem is we can see the files butt we cannot open them, we also have created another share and this share works perfectly.

Both shares have the same settings also when we recreated this shares it didn't make a diffrence

a short summary:

Windows XP can connect to all the Shares and use them as well.
MAC OS X can connect to all the Shares and use them as well.
MAC OS 9.2 can connect to all the Shares but cannot open the files because off missing extensions

The problem occures on more the ons MAC using OS 9.2, If somebody have a solution please let me know

Kind regards


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