Applescript to connect to Windows 2000 SFM share from MAC OS 9.2 Client


Kevin Smith

Hello All,

My name is Kevin Smith. I am working with Apple Macintosh G4 with OS
9.2 and OS 91. We also have some X but mostly are still on 9.1 and 9.2
We have Windows 2000 Servers with Services for Macintosh installed.

I would like to script the connection to these SFM shares. Each share
has a username and password. So for example server1 runs windows 2000
with SFM It has Mac share share1, username is user1 with password
pass1. I would like to hava script on the MAC that mounts share1 on
server1 and passes username and password to server1.

My script would be something like this;

mount volume "afp://server1/share1 as user name "user1" with
password "pass1"
end try

This doesn't work.

If I don't pass the username and password to it my script would be

mount volume "afp://server1/share1
end try

Now I get a prompt asking for username and password. I can then mount
the volume share1.

I think the problem is that the MAC UAM is sending clear text and
Windows 2000 wants encryption. I have installed the latest Microsoft
UAM but to no avail.

Is it possible to force a script to use the Microsoft UAM?

I am using the latest version of AppleScript and AppleShareIP client.

Any help much appreciated,

Best Regards,


Jim Seifert [MSFT]

Applescript does not work with 3rd party UAMs, it will always use the Apple

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