oracle sql plus - modified table column - not showing in Access

Inside of Oracle Sql *plus
i use the commands alter table tablename
modify columname varchar2(10)

to change the field size to 10

When I open up Access to view the linked table via an odbc connection,
in the design view, it still shows the field as having a field size
of 5.

What did I miss.

This is all tied to a web app, where, I changed all of the web forms
to accept 10 characters.....

the web app is tied to oracle, but since it is an oracle databse,
sometimes, I will use Access (2007) to look at the database instead of
Oracle. Remember, I am just using the ODBC connection to make a link
to the tables...... that is the only use for Access........

Refresh should not be an issue because I made the change yesterday,
and opened up a new connection to it today, so it should show the
updated value

But I hit refresh anyway, and no change. I wanted to make sure I
covered all of the oracle bases. if Oracle shows it as varchar2(10)
then it should allow 10 characters correct?

Another footnote. In my web app, I put in a digit in that field that
was bigger than 5 characters, but sure enough when I look at the
linked table in Access, it only shows 5 characters as the field limit



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