Opening Printing dialog box is very slow!

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Jan Jensen-Petersen

I have some users which are having the problem, that when they are printing
from Outlook, the print dialog box is about 20-40 sec. to open. They are all
working on a Windows Terminal Server 2003. The problem is only in Outlook,
and it's only 2-3 users who are having this problem. All the other users can
print without any problems.
They are all printing to network printers, and we are using roaming profiles.
I have tried to erase their profile on the Terminal Server, but without any
I have removed any printerdrivers that are not in use.

Any suggestions?

Robert C Boston

Did you get your issue resolved? I have the same problem. Long time to get
print dialog box when trying to print an email from Outlook 2007. Thanks.

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