Peculiar Printing problem

Nov 9, 2010
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We have running outlook 2003 on an exchange server, computers running xp.

Now, all the partners have, in addition to their regular account, a management account that has different passwords for confidential internal mail etc...

One of the partners likes to reply to his management email, cc himself and then print the incoming cc. Oddly however, he can't do this on his machine. Pressing the print button or menu>print just does nothing, not even an error message.

I have tested this on other partners machines and they dont have any problems.

What I find more odd is that the partner in question can print in this way on the same machine from his other mail profiles. i.e. one of his non-management profiles.

It seems to me then that there is a profile setting (that I can't find) that is preventing printing.

ANy suggestions?



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