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We have a win2k3 SP1 TS fully patched, running basic Office products.

IE6 SP1 will not respect the "open in new Window" right click menu choice,
nor an embedded DHTML <A> link with Target="_new".

When we do either, nothing happens, nada.

HOWEVER it does work for Domain Admins!! Not Local Admins though.

An existing non-working user, when added to Domain Admins will work, take
them out, and they don't.

We have tried GPO settings to no avail. We did the Internet Explorer
maintenance reset, and that did not work.

We have added sites to the TRUSTED SITE list, no change.

We copied a Domain Admin user's profile to a newly created user, and that
didn't work.

We looked for HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Policies\Internet Explorer\....., but
there was no instance of "Internet Explorer\....", same for the HKCU\...."
registry keys.

We have no pop-up blockers or other adware blockers installed.

Firefox works as expected - new windows are opened.

Any Ideas anyone??

Thanks Mike



We have a simular problems, one computer works ok and another doesnt. All
places to be checked are the same on both. Even though there has been no
imformative response to your question, have you found a solution yet?


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