Open Excel file get error with file names that have spaces in the



I started with a problem that all my excel files would open in the same excel
run. I did a few things to fix that through control panel/folder
options/advanced/open. I think that got fixed but then each file I opened had
a series of errors. Each space in any path or file name gave a message that
the file wasn't found. Then sometimes the file would eventually open,
sometimes not. Seems that once it got opened once, I could reopen it but if I
halted Excel and started over, the same happened.

I went back and reversed all the changes I made in folder options.

This seems to be happening immediately after installing a MS update and

Frustrating. thanks for any help.


Thanks for the suggestion. I ran “excel.exe /regserver†as you suggested.
Result is that when I click on an Excel file, the program opens but the file
doesn’t. I can open the file from within Excel but not through windows
explorer or shortcuts. I re-booted; no change.

It’s not clear to me what the settings in advanced folder options should be.
For excel, they are currently:
In edit file type:
All three options unchecked; “confirm open after download,†“always show
extension,†and “browse in same window.â€
In editing action:
Application: "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\EXCEL.EXE" /e
Use DDE: checked
DDE message: blank
Application: Excel
DDE application not running: blank
Topic: “systemâ€

Gary''s Student

We are getting close!!

If a double-click of an icon opens the Excel app, but not the file, then:

Tools > Options... > General > clear the ignore other applications checkbox


I don't know what happened but I'm about back at the beginning, if not worse.

Getting the path error for every space in the path being opened
Files are opening in the same window.

Should I go back and reregister again?


So I re-registered, re-booted, and ran it for a few days. I can't figure out
a pattern. Sometimes I get the error due to spaces in the path, sometimes
files open fine in different windows, sometimes they open in the same window.
I guess I could start a log of everything I do and how it responds. Seems
like all other Office programs work fine.

Thanks for your continued help.
Feb 1, 2011
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Guys to solve this issue simply wrap the file name in double quotes. E.g. if the file name is
C:\Documents and Settings\ABC XYZ.xls then use
"C:\Documents and Settings\ABC XYZ.xls" instead.

If you are using it from code then escape the quotes like
"\"C:\Documents and Settings\ABC XYZ.xls\""

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