Ooutook with Exchange-Server: Export of contacts creates X.400-Addresses


Norbert Pitters

Outlook with Exchange-Server
Created external Contacts with SMTP-Adresses in my contacts Folder.
Created a contact with an SMTP-Adress, that is also in the Exchange-GAL..
I want to export the contacts to Excel.

When i use the Outlook-Export-Feature (Export to CSV), the external contacts
are exported as follows:
E-mail Address: (e-mail address removed)
E-mail Type: SMTP
Thats OK

The contacts, that are in the Exchange-GAL are exported as follows:
E-mail Address: /o=First Organization/ou=First Administrative
E-mail Type: EX
But i want the SMTP-Adress here, too

Thsi behavior occurs in alle tested Outlook-Version (tested 98,2000,2003)
and Exchange-Versions 5.5/2000/2003.
It seems, that the SMTP-Adresses from the Exchange-GAL, are translated to
the Exchange-Directory-Information (X.400)

How can i export my contact-Folder with only SMTP-Adresses for all contacts

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