On-screen Keyboard Window Sized Wrong



For an unknown reason, my on-screen keyboard window now opens with just the
title bar of the window displayed along with a thin strip of the window
content underneath the title bar (only a pixel or two high). None of the
usual methods for resizing the window are functional. When I click with the
mouse in that thin strip under the title bar, the window's menus operate as
if there were no problem. Unfortunately, no changes to any menu items resize
the window to its normal state.

I progressively went back through restore points to a point where I know the
keyboard worked, but the problem remains. I looked for a way to uninstall
and reinstall the accessibility components, but it appears that I would have
to do a complete Windows XP repair operation; I don't want to do that. I
reinstalled Windows XP SP2 from scratch about a month ago and have kept an
up-to-date with Windows Update.

Several months ago I had something like this happen to a non-Microsoft
application. It turned out that a registry value had been messed up. I
haven't been able to find any definitions of registry values for this

Have you ever seen this before?


Your OSK.EXE (On-Screen Keyboard) file is probably corrupt or infected
with a virus/malware/spyware.
windowsxp customize How to install accessibility options
You can also run the System File Check (SFC) for corrupt files.
Start>Run>type SFC /SCANNOW and press OK. Have your Xp CD handy
for it may ask for it. SFC checks for corrupt and/or missing system files
and replaces them. OSK should be at: C:\Windows\System32\osk.exe


I have the same exact issue on a Windows 2003 Server box. I grabbed the
osk.exe file from another windows 2003 server box and tried to run that
but had the same problem. I've also tried the SFC /SCANNOW and that
didn't fix it either.

Any other ideas on how to fix this would help. Even it means grabbing
the corresponding dlls, exes from a working windows 2003 server
installation and replacing the potentially corrupt ones. I would just
need to know which files I would need to replace.



Despite the good suggestions here and elsewhere, the problem remains for me
as well. My local tech support proposed re-installing Windows yet again.

I don't think this is a code corruption problem. Configuration data is
probably messed up and must be reset, but how do you research that? Does
Microsoft consider individual tool installation instructions to be
confidential information or is it only paid support that gets access to that

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