"OLE server not registered"



User with Access 2003 is trying to open picture in Access 2000 file format
database. Gets message "OLE server not registered. To register the OLE
server, re-install it." I've tried the solutions in Microsoft support
articles 896865 and 310813.

We have a user that still has Photo Editor installed from Office 2000, and
they are having no problems viewing the picture in the database. Anyone using
Microsoft Office Picture Manager from Office 2003 gets error message above.

Any ideas?


Greetings! I finally had resolved the “OLE†problem this afternoon. And this
problem puzzled for 10 days, even IT professors in my university could not
resolve it. You can install the Microsoft office xp without uninstall
Microsoft office 2007. Yes, it is the problem of “photo editor†in office xp
disc. Besides, I am a foreign student in USA, so you can see my English is
very poor. Haha. But I resolved this problem, whatever~~

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