Older Games Not Working?



I have a pentium D dual core 2.8 ghz 800 fsb w/ 1 GB ram and a 256 nvidia
7300 video card running at 1280x1024. i have the retail version of Windows
Vista Home that comes with a dell pc. i have not patched or downloaded
anything but when i try to play Wizardry 8 and Fable Lost Chapters they will
not play. Wizardry pops up the developers logo for the pre loading screen and
then shuts downj and wont load the game and fable loads and gets to the first
fmv but when it goes to load the actual gameplay screen it will not the sound
and controls work fine i assume i have the latest drivers for my video card
as the pc was just made 3 days ago at most.




Have you tried running them in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode and or "run
as administrator" mode?

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