OL2007 - automatic printing TIF attachment files



Hi there,

Is there way of automatically printing an attachment containing a TIF file
when it arrives in your mailbox. We have a mailbox that receives e-mails
with TIF attachments and they are not printing automatically. The e-mail
body is printing okay.

I have checked that the rule I have created does print new items and have
also check the "print attached files to the default printer". I have also as
per a couple of support documents installed I have installed the "Microsoft
Office Document Imaging" so when a file with TIF extension is opened or
printed it uses the MSPVIEW.EXE from MODI. The action for print for the TIF
extension is :
"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\MODI\12.0\MSPVIEW.EXE" /p "%1"

If anyone has any useful info I would appreciate it.

John Beeson.

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