Cannot create file error. Cannot open or save tif files...please h


ray justice

Error I an receiving when trying to open a tif file as follows:
Cannot create file:Remittance_advice.tif.right-click the folder you want to
create the file in, and then click properties on the shortcut menu to check
your permissions for the folder

I am using windows vista and office 2007 outlook

I cannot open or save a tif file. I can open all other file attachments. I
can forward to another pc in my office and they can open. they can rename the
tif and resend to me and I can open. original name is remittance_advice.tif
and renamed is remittance_advice1.tif.

this just started 2 days ago. Before then I could open all files and I have
them saved in a folder. I have since deleted the folder and still cannot

Please help....


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