Office re-configures every time Access 2007 starts


DaveStewart 800

I was running access 2003 runtime on my machine, then I installed Office Pro
2007, then I un-installed 2003 runtime. Now every time I start Access 2007 I
get a message that office will not configure itself and I have to wait for it
to go through the process. This is really annoying. Is there anyway I can
correct this. Keep in mind I am not an IT pro so laymen terms would be great.

Thank you in advance.


Douglas J. Steele

Sorry, but there's not much you can do.

Office 2007 (and Office 2010) use a different approach than previous
versions, so the reconfiguration is, unfortunately, unavoidable. Make sure
you've applied Office 2007, SP1: that at least reduces the time delay a
little bit.

Many people use Virtual PC (which is free from Microsoft) or VMWare to
create different virtual machines for each version of Access so that they
don't have to worry about the reconfiguration.

That being said, SageKey has a product that's supposed to solve the problem,
but I have no personal experience with it.

Mark Andrews

sage key does seem to get around the issue somewhat. They remember a bunch
of registry keys, and then reset them after your application closes.
However that is usually for making install packages so when you install an
application you don't mess with the current machine and it's default version
of access it likes.

Note: I have a machine with Access 2003 and when I install my Access2007
runtime application using sagekey installer it works fine but the startup
time is still rather long. It leaves Access2003 as the default version of
access. If I double click on an Access2007 accde file it starts up the
access2007 runtime and switches Access2007 to the default in the usual way
(all the normal messages). Then if I start my Access2007 application using
the sagekey exe it starts up quicker and normally. Of course then if I go
to use Access2003 it needs to reconfigure again. So in summary sagekey
helps not mess up the defaults, but versions of Access not working well
together is still an issue that is bothersome.

RPT Software

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