Problems with Access runtime



I have a PC at work I am running Office 2003 Pro. I have a database that is
designed in access 2007 so I downloaded the 2007 runtime and installed it
on the pc now when I open office 2003 or the 2007 database using the
runtime program it has to install first this, happens in version 2003 and
runtime 2007
What do I need to do to correct this problem?

Steve Schapel


In addition to Chris's explanation, there are other potential solutions.
May not be applicable in your circumstances, but just for the record...

1. Purchase (or get the developer of the Access 2007 application to) the
installation scripts from, and use this to install the Access
2007 application on your PC.

2. Install the full version of Access 2007, and use this to run all your
Access 2003 applications.

By the way, do you have the SP2 version of Access 2007 Runtime? The same
re-configuration process still happens, but it is significantly quicker and
therefore less annoying!


Both Access 2003 and 2007 use many of the same registry keys. Each
has to supply its own values for these keys when it's running. This
process shows up as an "installing..." window to let you know it's
reconfiguring these keys.

The only way around it is to use a virtual machine and install one of
the Access versions on the vm.


I have never used VM before what does it require

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