Running accde with Access 2007 runtime



After reading the info at this link.
I've decided to run the accde as recommended. By passing the name of the
accde as part of a shortcut that points to the Access runtime.

..accde This format is also known as a compiled binary file. In Office Access
2007, a compiled binary file is a database application file that has been
saved with all of the VBA code compiled. No VBA source code remains in an
Office Access 2007 compiled binary file. You can use Access 2007 Runtime to
open an Office Access 2007 compiled binary file. However, by default, the
Runtime does not recognize the .accde file name extension. To open a compiled
binary file by using Access 2007 Runtime, create a shortcut that points to
Access 2007 Runtime, and include the path of the compiled binary file that
you want the shortcut to open.

However, I can't find the access runtime on my system.
I know it is installed. I don't mean accessruntime.exe that can be
downloaded. That is the setup.
What is the folder name/exe name of access runtime after it is installed?

Albert D. Kallal

The runtime system installs to the SAME location as the full version.

in fact, if you HAVE the full version installed, then the runtime does NOT
install. The reason for this is they are essentially the SAME program, and
to maintain compatibility and keep everything else the SAME, then even
shortcuts to msaccess.exe will be consistent between the full edition and
the runtime.

Once you install the full edition (or runtime) of ms-access on the target
computer, then you can just simply double click on and mdb, mde, accde file
etc. and it will run.

So, you find it in the SAME location as the full edition, and if you have
the full edition installed, then the runtime does not install.

I talk about this issue and more here:

So, this allows you to test, make shortcuts etc, and things will work the
SAME on runtime computers and that of computers with the full edition.

For testing on how the program will run when you have the full edition, you
can use a shortcut with the /runtime switch, or for 2007, simply rename the
file with an r


The above causes your application to look + feel like runtime, and this
trick is often used even for environments where all users have the full
edition to hide them out of the ms-access interface stuff...

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