Office 2007 SP2 Install: BCM Update Failure



After installing Office 2007 SP2, I noted the BCM update failed:

Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 Service Pack 2 (KB957324)
Installation date: ‎5/‎25/‎2009 4:27 PM
Installation status: Failed
Error details: Code 779
Update type: Important
Business Contact Manager for Outlook 2007 Service Pack 2 contains stability
improvements and fixes functionality issues reported by customers.
More information:
Help and Support:

I then started OL & after S/R completed I received the following error dialog:

"Microsoft Office Outlook - Cannot start processing services. There is not
enough free memory to run this program. Quit one or more programs, and then
try again."

I then disabled all add-ins & proceeded to add them back one by one. OL ran
fine until I enabled BCM & I received the same error dialog as above.

After reading here, and on several other Web services, that the file
'mapisvc.inf' might be the culprit I was finally able to gain Administrator
rights as it was initially locked out by SYSTEM. After gaining rights, I
successfully installed the SP2 BCM update. In doing so it automatically
reloaded BCM as an add-in in OL. After running S/R I once again received the
out of memory dialog as before.

So, I'm back to square one. Ideas anyone?


I had exactly the same thing happen to me. Installing BCM SP2 caused me to
get an "out of memory" error while loading BCM. Outlook seemed to function
OK but BCM would not run. The only way to get it to work again was to
uninstall Office 2007, I was not able to find any uninstall capability for
BCM SP2. Once I reinstalled Office 2007 from the disks, BCM worked again
with BCM SP2 gone. Ugh.

I actually changed to a new HP Pavillion after all this thinking the problem
would go away. It still happend. My conclusion is that there is something
about my Outlook file or BCM file that is causing the problem. Any
suggestions would be greatly appreciate.


I hear you! As I mentioned below after reading here, and on several other Web
services, that the file 'mapisvc.inf' is the culprit. The fix was, & it
appears to have worked for others, was to gain Administrator rights as it was
initially locked out by SYSTEM, then reinstall the SP2 BCM update. As I noted
this didn't work for me. As a last ditch effort I'm going to uninstall all of
the SP2 updatez once again then 'patch' the file to see if it works the 2nd
time around!


Would you mind sending me the links to the other websites that discuss the



YES please post the links to the patche/s that fix this problem - I have
exactly the same due to the SP2 and Outlook 2007 + BCM update.


Dave & Tbour,
I'll have to check my browser history from a couple of days ago & post them.
However, you may want to consider just uninstalling SP2. I subscribe to a
very reputable Windows newsletter called Windows Secrets. They have a patch
"guru" who definitely knows her stuff! I only wish I'd read the article prior
to installing. Basically, there's nothing earth shattering in the update so
I'm uninstalling & waiting for more news. It was written on May 12. I've
copied it here for you in case you want to do the same.

Finally! An Office service pack you can remove
By Susan Bradley

Previous Office service packs could be undone only by uninstalling the
entire suite and then reinstalling it.

Office 2007 Service Pack 2 changes this and adds PDF and OpenDocument
support, but I still urge you to wait before installing the update.

Office 2007 SP2
Don't rush to install this Office service pack

The biggest news in the patching world within the past few weeks is that
Office 2007 Service Pack 2 — described in Microsoft Knowledge Base article
953195 — is actually uninstallable. If you needed to remove an Office service
pack prior to this release, you had to uninstall the whole application and
reinstall it from scratch minus the service pack.

Office 2007 SP2 adds the ability to save files as PDFs without having to
install additional software. The service pack also lets Office workers use
the OpenDocument format, which facilitates file exchanges.

While I'm pleased that Office has an uninstall tool, which is documented in
KB article 954914, actually using the removal tool is no walk in the park. An
Office blog post shows that the process is clearly not for the faint of
heart. I hope that Microsoft will consider this as version 1 of the
service-pack-uninstall feature and will make future releases easier to use.

Should you install Office 2007 SP2? I recommend people in larger firms test
the service pack with their line-of-business applications that depend on
Office. For everyone else, I'm still testing this patch and am not yet ready
to give you the go-ahead at this time.;en-us;954914


Thanks for the info, good to know there is a future resolution...

For now, I had to make a sacrifice but I got Outlook working with SP2.

I uninstalled SP2 - (reverted to a restore point - but it would not roll
back to any more than the immediate restore point prior to this update and I
wanted to go back a few more days).

I uninstalled the BCM update and office update - basically ended up at Vista
SP1 - however the BCM update would not completely uninstall as when I
rebooted and fired up again I was still getting the "not enough memory and
processes could not run" errors.

I uninstalled Business Contact Manager (it needed the original installation
CD which I had with me) and re-booted again.

Now Outlook ran perfectly - and faster than I'd seen it in a long time.
I re-installed the office and Vista SP2 updates and re-booted. Outlook still
performing perfectly.

The "only thing I lost" was all my BCM contacts - a good number of hours
work - BUT I have all my email accounts working, folders and files
(attachments) behaving properly plus my calendar with appts still there.

I may gather the courage to re-install BCM - but I am still grieving over
the lost hours and data from this last episode to even think about that yet.
I might just go buy Act! and have done with it...

Hope this helps..


No problem. Actually your scenario below was similar to one of the links I
saw with some minor variations. I had thought about uninstalling/reinstalling
one more time before getting rid of SP2 entirely. Given your success below
I'll give it a shot & let you know if it works for me!


Hi Randy

Good to know its helped you come to a decision. If you get the courage I
lacked (and spirit - too many hours worth of data gone with the wind) - and
you re-install BCM - I'd love to know how it goes again.


ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i tried the nice little MS Office 2007 SP2 uninstall tool
& it supposedly worked...NOT. I then uninstalled SP2 & all of its components,
uninstalled BCM, then reinstalled SP2 & each of its components individually
again, restarting at every step. After about 2 hours still no luck. Still
getting the out of memory dialog with BCM added in. I simply don't have
further time so I guess I'll plunk down the $50 & let MS TS try & resolve it.


Feel really sick for you. I lost my BCM data - but got my machine running
again properly.
Instances like this where MS is at faault - they should forgo any charge -
it was / is their sotware that has screwed our machines and already cost us
downtime and dataloss - which in this instance even having a backup would not

You can only restore a backup if you programme is working properly.

Good luck Randy.


Actually Dave you make a very good point about MS charging for this incident.
Now that I think about it this happened before on an unrelated issue & they
didn't charge. Stay tuned...


Hi Randy, point is you already paid for the software, they gave you an
intitled update which was responsible for developing a fault with your
Nothing you did brought this on - and if its a Vistaa baased machine which
has been told to take updates and install them - then it was automated too.

Good luck - I believe it would be inappropriate for MS to cause to the
problem - and then charge to fix it.



Friend of mine mentioned he may be able to get my BCM contacts back - so I
guessed it was a database existing on my machine which is Vista 32 with 4GB
memory and plenty of disc space.

Having already run the non-uninstallable Vista SP2 update and lost
functionality of BCM I previously stripped out my BCM leaving me with just
Outlook 2007.

Today I tried re-installing BCM - and yes - it found my database and
contacts - WOOPPEEE!

SADLY!!! - no sooner had it finished installing, registering and settling
down - the first folder I chose to open caused the now usual "not enough
memory" message and failure to function.

I have uninstalled it again and Outlook 2007 is now functioning safely again.

So - Microsoft - please can you supply me with a fix to iether the SP2 which
you broke in your latest update - or give me a more recent copy of BCM -
(which I also paid for) that will work with Vista SP2...

Question: I have several friends who have "upgraded" if that is the term to
windows 7 and they really rate it. Would I regain my BCM functionality if I
went and installed W7? Anyone know or care to hazzard a guess?




I've yet to contact MS TS yet, however I found something very peculiar
today. After uninstalling/reinstalling SP2 several times I continued to get
the out of memory error with the BCM add-in in place.

But today when the Tuesday MS updates came out the SP2 update along with the
companion updates were listed as well. So I installed everything.

One critical step that I left out of my previous posts because I never
attempted the test before is that I run several profiles (obviously with ther
own unique .pst files). Well, this time I opened 1 of the others & it behaved
as though BCM had not been installed & went through its requisite steps, then
everything performed nominally with the BCM add-in active! I did so on the
next profile & everything performed nominally again. However, when I opened
the 3rd profile, I didn't get the BCM installation dialog. I then selected
BCM as an add-in, shut down OL & reopened it then BAM, the dreaded out of
memory error again. After deselecting it & re-opening OL, it worked fine.

So, I'm encountering this error on an isolated .pst file. My qestion for you
is do you also run several profiles & it fails on all or do you just run one

As an asde, Windows Secrets, informed me today after I reported the problem
to them that they have an article coming out at the end of the month
reporting that users don't have to have Office installed at all! I have no
idea what it's all about unless it's something like Office Live or not. Stay



Hi Randy

That makes fascinating reading and I can just about get my head around the
profiles aspect.
I only run with one profile as far as outlook is concerned.
I have two user accounts (admin & user) but only one profile for mail.

Can't wait to see MS get a patch or work around sometime soon, I need to be
able to get on with forecasts etc that I've lost access to....

Well done on finding the discrepancy though...



Hi Dave--
It was pretty amazing to find my problem isolated to a unique .pst file &
not the others. I'm going to start a new thread here as well as posting on
TechNet & MSDN to see if anyone comes up with anything different in terms of
resolution. I'll let you know. Glad you recovered your BCM database though!


One other very interesting but very perplexing item popped up just now as I
was using OL on my laptop. Very often I copy the .pst file in question back &
forth between my PC & laptop as I need to work with the profile on both

SP2 is installed on my laptop & the profile (.pst) on OL with the BCM add-in
activated works perfect! However on my PC it doesn't work! That leads me to
believe that there may be a registery issue on my PC.

Do you have any thoughts on this?


The fact it is working on one not the other would indicate some sort of issue
with the one it's not working on.

HOWEVER - as this is not an isolated issue and there are more of us facing
this problem and not everyone has two machines to play with, I feel there
should be more impteus from MS to help resolve it - they are clearly aware of

I downloaded this weeks updates and yes a new one came in for Outlook
(KB969907) - but after re-installing BCM after the update I found it did not
help this particular problem.

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