OE to Vista Transfer Problem



I managed to transfer all my OE dbx folders to Vista on my laptop. But
somehow I managed to screw up one of the folders on my XP desktop. When I
go to that folder from OE, it says "no items to view." In the OE list of
files under the identify, this folder definitely 75kb of data. And all the
messages do show up on the Vista Mail side. So what can I do to get them
back into OE? For some reason OE doesn't seem to be picking up that dbx
file. Does this relate to the folders.dbx? I tried to import, and that
didn't work. If I can't get them from the identities folder, can I somehow
import the message back from Vista?

Michael Jennings

75kb is nothing - it's just a placeholder, there is no data.
Steve Cochran claims that OEX now works with WinMail -
you could export the laptop's messages as .eml files and
restore them to OE in the desktop using OEX, I guess.
You could ask about that in the WinMail newsgroup:

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