OE 2000 SR-1 Wab32.dll missing - How to re-install



My Wife's computer:
Win 98SE
OE 2000 SR-1

When trying to access Address Book get "unable to find wab.dll"
error message.
A windows explorer search showed no Wab32.dll on the hard

I tried to follow MsKB Article 189396 to re-install OE, but when
I follow directions in article for Win98, Item/step 3:
When I click windows setup tab, Outlook Express is not listed
under components

I went through the same steps on my computer (Win98SE, OE 6) and
it wasn't listed there either.

If I just go to add/delete programs, I can see OE there.
Should I remove from there instead of from the "Windows Setup
Tab" as directed by Article 189396 ? Is this just an error in
the article?

I found Wab32.dll on my computer in
Common Files

I copied it to a floppy and then copied it to my wife's computer
(the one with the problem) in the same location:
Common Files

Still get the same error message.

Is this Wab32.dll stored in a different folder location for OE
2000, then it is for OE 6 ?

Any help would be much appreciated.


I may have figured it out.
I didn't realize Outlook 2000 required OE in order to work.
I tried to run OE and got all kinds off error messages, several
missing .dll files. Couldn't even get it to open.
It was clean as far as virus goes (per latest Norton dat
files), will run a check for adware and then try to un-install OE
and restall that.
Hmmmmm. I wonder if I just did an online windows update and
updated OE and Explorer (currently 5.0 and 5.5) if that would do

Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Usually renaming any wab32.dll files and reinstalling OE will take care of


Everything working fine now
Reloading OE took care of it and now Outlook 2000 working fine.
Only thing lost was address book entries.

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