NWRDR Event: 8007


Peter Lawlor


I am one of the ICT Technicians, within one of the
Departments at
University of Sheffield.

I'd like to have more information about NetWare or at
least try and fix
the problem.

We are running Windows 2000, and we I have the "Client
Serive for NetWare
We need to have "Client Serive for NetWare" installed, so
we could browse
the netware servers within the Campus.

But, There are quite a lot of "errors" in the Event
viewer: System.

Source : NWRDR
Event ID: 8007
Desc : The Microsoft Client Service for NetWare
redirector has timed
out one or more requests to [$server].

This is happening every second or so, sometimes, every
it's just spamming the Event view logs, and I'd like to
see it to stop, or
not do it as often.

It's happening since near to last November, or so...

I wonder, if you could assist me to solve this problem?


Peter Lawlor
(Department of computer Science)
Apr 10, 2006
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Typically, this could be due to a couple of things.

1) If you are using Netware Service, are the servers Ghosts, or did you build them from the Microsoft CD Manually?
If they are ghosted, the network Address must be different on each server....(typically, i just add different numbers on the end of the number)
this number is found in the NWLink IPX/SPX, and the internal network number, cannot be the same as other servers.

2) Can you tracert/Ping servers?
If go don't have a static path to the servers, this could cause issues as well, but doubt this is the problem...just something to check.

3) If your network is Novell, and you are using IP (not IPX), realize that the Netware Network service uses IPX and must have an authenticating server in order to connect...if the authenticating server is down or unreachable, you will get this error.

Hope this helps

These are the issues

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