computer account passwords not synchronizing



I have a client with Windows Server 2003 DCs and close to 300 WinXP Pro
workstations. We migrated from Novell Netware 5.x about 7 months ago.

Since we implemented Windows Server 2003, we have 23 laptops which will not
synchronize their computer account passwords and therefore lose access to the
domain every 30 days. On the DC, we get Event ID 5722 from source NETLOGON.
On the laptops we get the following entries:
Event ID 40961, Source LSASRV
Event ID 3210, Source NETLOGON
Event ID 18, Source W32Time
Event ID 29, Source W32Time
Event ID 7001, Source "Service Control Manager"

The only solutions we've found is to change the computer name or the machine
SID. The latops then work for another 30 days before again having problems.

Any ideas on why only these 23 of the 300 workstations are having problems?


Steven L Umbach

Because of the W32 errors make sure that the computers are in synch timewise
with the domain controllers and that the w32 time service is started. I
would also run the support tool netdiag on a couple of those computers to
see if there is any problems found for dns, dc discovery, Kerberos, secure
channel/trust. Another thing to try is to unjoin the computer from the
domain, delete the computer account in AD, and then join the computer to the
domain again. You may also want to post in the active_directory newsgroup
and check those client Event IDs at . --- Steve

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