Nvidia GeForce FX-5600 (128MB), DVI, and linux




I have an PixelView Nvidia GeForce FX-5600 128MB VIVO/DVI which has
VGA, DVI, and video in/out connectors, made by prolink.

I'd like to buy a TFT monitor and drive it digitally.

It is totally unclear to me how the video card decides whether
to put a signal out on the VGA port, the DVI port, or both. There
is no BIOS option for this, as far as I can tell. It seems like
one can influence the decision in the X11-configuration file,

However, if I would like to connect a single DVI-monitor to
the card, how will I get output before X starts? Is the card
supposed to automagically recognize that a DVI-monitor is
connected and switch to DVI output?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.




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