NTVDM CPU encounters illegal instruction (MS-DOS 16-bit error)




I hope someone out there can help me! This is the second
time I have encountered this type of error in a week and
it has occurred when I have tried to install an app
(Norton AV 2004) and a third-party package for Lotus
Notes which enables a system to use their Active-X
control. I really need to get this Active-X control
stuff installed on my home computer so I can test my
application that uses it!

I am using Windows XP Professional/SP1 and have been
religious about updates *except* SP2 (for now, at least).

Here is the error I encountered tonight:

16 bit MS-DOS Subsystem
The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:0db5 IP:0227 OP:63 75 6d 65 6e Choose 'Close' to
terminate the application.

The dialog box presents a Close and Ignore button. I
thought I'd try to ignore it, just to see what would
happen, and after clicking about three times, the DOS
window went completely black and the cursor was jumping
aroung the window like it was playing pong or something!
Then the printer started spitting out blank paper.

Anyway, if someone can give me some guidence on this one,
I would be most appreciative!


P.S. I use SpyBot and have recently installed Ad-Aware
SE for scanning. And, as far as I know, I am virus-free.


I checked the Event log after posting and noticed that
the error is getting generated by ntdll.dll.
InstallShield is supposed to load during the install but
it never gets that far. Probably the same thing with the
Norton AV install. Could this just be an issue of
refreshing my copy of ntdll.dll?


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