NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction



I'm trying to run a 16 bit Data capture program off a network drive.
Its behavior has been extremely strange, it runs fine on my PC- I run
Windows XP, P4 3 Ghz 3GB Ram but when I installed this program on some
new Pcs running Windows XP Pro I get this error:

The NTVDM CPU has encountered an illegal instruction.
CS:0330 IP:0421 OP:ff d9 19 04 00
Choose Close to terminate the app.

I have done all sorts of things- edited Autoexec.nt, Config.nt but no
luck. Does anyone one have any clue why is this happening? As it runs
absolutely fine on my PC.

Also noticed that the program somtimes run on these new pcs but is
random most of the time it comes with the error.



Also noticed that when I start this new PC the very first time, the
16bit program works absolutely fine but after restarting the PC- it
doesnt seems to work at all!!!!

Bob I

Perhaps the hardware is not resetting and that is the problem. When you
do "restart" push the reset button on the PC.


Solved the problem by removing a remote desktop like software that was
interfering with the 16-Bit APP. Now all OK

Thanks everyone.

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