NTBackup rsm.exe tape lable backup scripting




I am looking for some help on using NTBackup and RSM to manage my media by a
media label name. I rotate a large stack of physically labeled sequential
tapes that are not associated with any specific day of the week and I want
my backup to overwrite the current tape loaded in the tape drive, but not
overwrite the label name. This is so that I can have some reference to the
tape in the backup log. I am very close to making this happen using the
"/um", but I need figure out how to get the tape label name first so I can
reuse it with the "/n" option.

I am looking to use command-line rsm.exe to return the label of the tape in
the tape drive. rsm.exe has the ability to get the tape label using the
"rsm inventory" command, however, it appears that this command will only
spawn off a job with the results available in the RSM in the MMC. How can I
get rsm.exe to return that tape label name at the command-line?

Any one done something similar to this?




Here is some thing I use to append to my tapes but I don't see why you can't
us it to first ID the tape then use the %tapename% variable to use the same


Net Start "Removable Storage"

Doze 30 (You need some thing like this or Sleep that pauses for x seconds)

rsm.exe refresh /LF"Sony AIT 100 GB SCSI Drive"

set media=

for /f "Tokens=*" %%a in ('rsm view /cg9B3A9037819946D79DF7064E85A67156
/tPhysical_media') do (if not "%%a"=="The command completed successfully."
set media=%%a)

for /f "Tokens=1-7" %%a in ('Echo %media%') do set tapename=%%a %%b %%c %%d
%%e %%f

echo %tapename%

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