Not the usual unread message count problem...



I was away for a few days and Outlook has developed a bizarre problem. When I
read messages, the unread count in the navigation pane doesn't decrease. It
updates OK in the unread messages folder, and updates correctly if I reboot,
but otherwise messages are not decrementing the count on a folder when I read
them. I can't find anything about this on knowledgebase. Anyone got any idea
what is going on?

Steve Foster

It's OL 2003 SP3 (11.8169.8172) running standalone on XP SP2, posting to a
very old and much converted PST file

kevin oreilly

Did you ever find a fix for this? I have the same problem with a user running Outlook 2003 SP3, restart of outlook doesn't help, reboot does. However, re-occurs next day, Outlook says 4 new messages, none highlighted as unread though. Did run detect and repair. And currently running microsoft update.

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