not acknologing admin rights



I used the security wizard to create a secure workgroup in a database. I had
a power outage and lost most of my work. The database opens and has no MDW
file associated with it. It was lost. The database is intact but no objects
can be viewed or used. In the security user and workgroup premissions, it
shows all of the objects as having an <Unknown> user and it will not allow me
to modify any setting or add or change the security. I was not able to print
out or save the security wizard settings and can not recreate the workgroup.
The back-up file is also having the same symptoms. All messages tell me to
log in as the administrator to be able to modify. I have attempted to export
/ import all objects to a new database to no avail. I am not even able to
view any objects in design form.

Is there any way to override the security to at least salvage all objects
and import/export to another database? Or, is there a way to make me the
owner of the objects again?



Chris Mills

Restore from last-known good backup. If there is no such-known, then fire

But it's an interesting question, whether security can be broken in these
circumstances. I don't know (and if I did I wouldn't say).

(it's similar to the JW suggestion of not distributing the development mdw)


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