Norton AV conflict with cleaner.log?



Norton Antivirus continues to list "cleaner.log" in the Antispyware folder as
infected with BloodhoundExploit virus. I believe this is only because my
first run of the MS Antispyware Beta version found bloodhound on my computer
and listed it in the cleaner.log file. It isn't an actual virus but only the
name of the virus that resides in that file (I think). I tried erasing
spyware scan history (truncated) and that doesn't seem to help. Norton
Antivirus still finds cleaner.log "infected" with bloodhound... which I think
is erroneous. How do I deal with this?

I am running Norton Internet Security with the Antivirus version
My Anti-Spyware version info is: Version: 1.0.701, Expires on: 7/31/2006,
Spyware Definition Version: 5789 (1/5/2006 7:39:14 PM).

Bill Sanderson

You can probably configure Norton to ignore that file. You could also edit
the file to remove those early entries--I believe it is a simple ascii file.

I think that it is likely that you are correct about the reason for the
detection. A number of URL-related viruses are detected simply based on the
URL text found in a file.

So--I believe that you are correct in seeing this as an erroneous detection.
How you fix it probably depends on what you find easiest to do. I'm
reasonably sure you can exclude arbitray files or folders from Norton's
examination, and I also suspect that it would be quite easy to remove a few
lines from the cleaner.log file using Notepad, for example.

Bill Sanderson

You might even consider letting Norton Quarantine this log file--i.e. remove
it and store it in Quarantine. Then you'd still have access to it if ever
needed, and Microsoft Antispyware would build a new one next time a cleaning
action takes place.

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