Norton Antivirus detected what AntiSpyware missed



I am running the following verions of AntiSpyware beta:
Microsoft AntiSpyware Version: 1.0.615
Spyware Definition Version: 5739 (8/9/2005 11:13:15 AM)

It didn't find nor remove any threats after a Scan.

After a scan with Norton AntiVirus on the same laptop, it
detect two Adware.CDT.

I wonder why AntiSpyware did not detect the threats while
Norton did?

Bill Sanderson

Microsoft Antispyware is not an antivirus application.

I know that sounds like a copout, given that the examples you are citing are
labelled as adware, but let me say more:

One of the reasons that many knowledgable people, (and some reviews, like a
recent one in Consumer Reports) recommend running multiple antispyware
products is that there is no industry-standard definition of what
constitutes either spyware as a whole, or even a particular piece of

You can help in this effort if these bits were still in place, by fileing a
Tools, suspected spyware report from your machine, if that function works in
your particular install of Microsoft Antispyware.

Aside from that, reporting here may help--thanks!

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