No Windows sounds but do have WMP sounds


Another Brian

I'm so confused. I've just finished rebuilding an old Gateway PC. This
morning I had Windows sounds (the logon ta-da and other beeps and
boops) but audio CD's wouldn't make any sound. Playing wav files
through WMP did not do anything. I then updated the audio drivers
downloaded from Gateway for this PC. Now I can play any media through
WMP, but the Windows sounds do not work. When I go into Control Panel
| Sound and Audio Devices Properties, Volume tab, it says "No Audio
Device". When I go to the Sounds tab and try playing any of the sounds
such as Asterisk, I get the error message:

Windows cannot play the sound %SystemRoot%\media\Windows XP Error.wav

When I go into Device Manager, there was a question mark next to
Microsoft WINMM WDM Audio Compatibility Driver. I couldn't find
anything about it on the Gateway driver list. Searching Google came up
a suggestion to delete this driver and reboot. If it wasn't
automatically found, then to scan for hardware changes. It wasn't

Any suggestions on how to get Windows to beep at me.


Rey Santos

Chances are either you have on board audio or you have sound blaster live
audio card like my old Gateway PC. You have to disable your onboard sound in
the BIOS to use Soundblaster. If you have soundblaster its also possible
that when you reinstalled it changed the digital output signal. Go to
advanced properties and try to check or uncheck the digital output box and
see if you get sound.

Another Brian

Thank you, Rey. The Gateway does not have MB integrated sound so I
could not turn it off. Flipping the digital/audio box didn't help
either as that only applied to the CD/DVD drives which was working.
You did, however, lead me to look through the sound item in Device
Manager. When I looked at the Media Control Devices properties I
discovered that the (MCI) Midi Sequencer had been configured to use
the phone modem instead of the sound card. Once I switched it to use
the sound card, everything started working correctly. Thank you again
for pointing me in the right direction.


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