No Sound on Newly installed Windows XP Pro



I recently upgraded the operating system on a computer I work on from
Windows XP Media Center Edition to Windows XP Pro. When I started the
computer up for the first time (with it's new OS), I noticed that the
usual windows startup sound didn't play. So I went to adjust the volume
from the taskbar, and there was no icon for volume control. So I went
to the control panel and opened Sounds and Audio Devices, and I found
the usual volume adjustment window, but everything was locked. And the
computer clamed not to have any audio devices installed even though the
speakers were plugged in and the audio codecs were installed. I can't
figure out why this is going on, so if anyone can give me any advice, I
would greatly appreciate it (because my dad really wants his sound on
his computer).



Thats likely because you failed to install the mobo chipset and other
drivers, from mobo site or manu sites, depending on your PC manu/type

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